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What can I find on the website of online pharmacy BePharma?

On our website you can find an extended range of quality products, such as care products, food supplements, beauty products and prescription free medicines.

It is illegal in Belgium to sell medicines on the internet that require a medical prescription. We can help you with that in the pharmacy. Purchasing special medicines on the internet, on prescription, is not without dangers. The quality of online medicines can not be guaranteed and the quality is not always good. We advise you to always go to your pharmacy to purchase medicines on prescription.


I'm looking for a specific product, how can I find this fast?

There are four ways to find the wanted product fast:

  1. Search (simple or extended)
    If you know the name of the wanted product, you can find it quickly. Our superfast search function is available on every page.
  2. Navigate based on categories
    If you're not looking for a certain product, but rather for a solution for your problem or your ailment, then navigate through our categories. Whilst navigating the list of products is continuously adapted. You will only see the products which have been assigned to that category by our pharmacists. This is without a doubt the best way to compare similar products. You can refine the displayed list of products at any time by filtering by brand, price, promotion and/or review.
  3. Navigate based on brands
    If you are a fan of a certain brand, then it is probably recommended to look for the wanted product based on that brand. After clicking on a brand you have the possibility to select a category where the products from this brand occur in.
    Besides that, you can also filter here on price, promotion and/or review. The given results can be sorted at all times according to alphabet, price and popularity. Standard the results are sorted by popularity. View all the brands here.
  4. Navigate based on the alphabetical product list.
    When none of the previous ways have offered you a solution, you can consult our alphabetical list of all products. View the alphabetical list of all the pharmacy products.


I can't find a certain product. Can you help me?

If you can't find the product you are looking for, don't hesitate to contact us at We are at your service!


I'm not sure what product I need, can I get some advice about this?

Professional customized pharmacist advice is our biggest trump. To get the right advice, we recommend that you register first and then ask your question through our contact form. That way, we immediately have all the necessary information to contact you again afterwards with the best advice.
During the registration you can also enlist your health profile. This information is only used to give you a better service. A complete and detailed health profile allows us to give you better advice adapted to your needs.


Packaging and Product Information

The packaging and the information on the packaging of the products that we sell through our websites are in French and Dutch.
If the delivery address of your order is outside Belgium, the packaging and the information on the packaging shall not be in the official language(s) of your country.
If you order on our websites, you agree with this.
We shall do our best to publish product information in different languages on our websites. We invite you to contact our customer care service if you have any further questions.


There is no extra information for the product that I'm interested in? Now what?

We do everything we can to complete our database as well as possible by contacting the various laboratories often. We offer around 25,000 products and completing the information, pictures and product leaflets is a priority. If you have questions about a particular product, please contact us for more information. This way we can also continue to complete our site.


How do I know if a certain product is in stock?

All products are given a status. This status indicates if the products are in stock at our pharmacy or available at one of our suppliers.

The following statuses are possible:

  • Add to shopping cart
    The product is in stock and can be delivered.
  • Temporarily unavailable
    The product is temporarily unavailable, but will be available again later. You can always leave your email address behind if you want to be informed when it is back in stock.
  • Out of market
    This product has been taken from the market and is no longer available.
  • Unavailable
    These products are only available on prescription and cannot be ordered online. With a valid medical prescription you can come and collect them in our pharmacy.

You can only order products and have products delivered that are in stock.