How can I place my order?

You can place your order on our website and even place your order by phone.

If you have any questions while ordering you can contact our service desk.

How does the shopping cart work?

The shopping cart is a virtual shopping cart in which you can collect all the products you want to order. The shopping cart will remain at the right side of the screen at all times.
You can add a product to this cart both from the product list as from the detailed page. Furthermore, you can also adjust the desired quantity by clicking on the arrows (up/down).


How do I know if my order has been completed successfully?

Your order has been completed succesfully if you:

  • have reached step 5 of the ordering process (final step)
  • have received a confirmation email with payment instructions if you opted for payment through bank transfer
  • have received a confirmation email if you opted for online payment through the secured Ogone-sytem


Can I get an invoice for my order?

You can receive an invoice of your order.
During step 2 "Your details" of the ordering process you are given the opportunity to ask for an invoice. You can receive this either digitally (.pdf or email) or by letter together with the delivery of your package.


What is my order number?

Your order number is a number of 10 consecutive digits that is automatically generated with every order. You can find this on:

  • the mail with payment instructions when you've opted for payment per bank transfer
  • the confirmation mails of the preparing & sending of your order
  • the delivery note with your order


Can I check the process of my order? Can I see the status of my order?

Through mail we keep you posted about the status of your order. You will receive a mail when:

  • your order has been registrated correctly
  • your payment has been received and your order is being prepared
  • your ordered package is on its way for delivery


I have just placed my order, but I've forgotten something. Can I still adjust my order?

It is not possible to adjust your order online once you have confirmed your order.
If you still wish to add a product to your order, please contact us as quick as possible. Attention though, if you have already received a shipping confirmation through email, we can't change your order anymore. Also if your order has the status 'Ready for shipping", it isn't possible anymore to change your order.


I have just placed my order, but regret my choice. Can I still cancel my order?

You can cancel your order free of charge by sending an email to info@bepharma.uk with subject "Cancel order" and your order number. You have the right to cancel your order as long the status on your account has not been changed to ' sent '.


I have just placed my order, but I have mistaken the delivery address. Can I still change this?

It is not possible to change the delivery address on the website once you have confirmed your order in the ordering process (step 3)

You can still change the address by contacting us as quick as possible per email. This at the following email address: info@bepharma.uk, with subject "Change delivery address" and mentioning your order number and the new delivery address.

Attention: As soon as you've received a shipping confirmation, the delivery address can not be changed anymore.


Can I order by fax or by phone?

It is not possible to order by fax or by phone. You can only place your order on the website. You can always call us with urgent questions or problems.


I have accidentally ordered twice. What should I do?

It's normally not a problem if you accidentally placed a double order due to a human or technical mistake. When you pay for 1 of the 2 orders, your ordered products will be delivered. Yet we ask you to send an email to info@bepharma.uk with subject "Troubles with order" and a description of the problem + the 2 order numbers.

If you also accidentally paid for both orders, you should contact our helpdesk at info@bepharma.uk as soon as possible with subject "Troubles with order", description of the problem + the 2 order numbers.

We are not responsible if you do not contact us and both orders have been shipped.

I have placed an order with payment option bank transfer, but I would like to pay online instead. What should I do?

  • send an email to info@bepharma.uk with subject "Cancellation order" and mentioning your order number and that you payed per bank transfer
  • you can now place your order again, opting for online payment


Can I place an order based on products I have purchased in the past?

Youcanplace an orderbased on productsthat you have previously broughttoour virtualcheckoutand paid/not paid for.Ifyou are logged in, you can retrieveyourorder historyin your profile page .After selecting oneof the previousshopping carts,you can press the"Place this order again"button.This adds thecontentsof one of your previous orders toyour currentshopping cart.After this, youcanstillmake changes tothe contentsof your order.


What is a promotion code?

A promotion code is a code you get from bepharma, to claim an advantage/promotion/reduction for a certain product or order. This codeis sometimesemittedwith actions(e.g. afree deliveryora free productwith your order). It's no use requesting these promotion codes,because this is anautomatedprocess.Youcan subscribe toournewsletter, this way you're sure not to missany promotions.


How do I use my promotion code?

Before confirming your order, you can insert a promotion code in the shopping cart (Step 1). You can do this by inserting the code beneath your cart and clicking "Accept code". The content of your cart will automatically be adapted according to the promotion code you entered.

Attention: You can only use 1 promotion code per order.


How do I use a credit that's on my account?

A credit on an account is automatically deducted from the amount due with every order. Therefore there is no extra action required to use your credit.