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Do certain occupations or sectors receive discounts?

Sadly, it is not possible to receive an additional discount.

BePharma is an acknowledged pharmacy and respects the deontology of the Order of pharmacists, who formally forbid every discriminating discount to its members.

The prices are free to set, but have to be the same for everyone.


Can you sponsor an event of any type?

Unfortunately, thepublicityallowedfor apharmacy is verylimited.The Order ofpharmacists doesn't want tocreateacommercial imagefor the pharmacist profession.

BePharma respectsthese ordersby not agreeing to anyform ofsponsorship.


Is it possible to receive some samples of a product before I make a purchase?

Unfortunately, we don't have any samples at our disposal. We advise you to contact the laboratory or the manufacturer.


Will my package be delivered discreetly?

The packageis verydiscreet,the order ispackaged in abrown boxwithout any reference toBePharma.

The contentsof the box arenotlistedon the outsideand it is notpossibleto see what is inside, becausethe boxis sealed withbrown sticky tape.


I haven't found the answer to my question.

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