Register and login



How can I register?

In the upper right corner you can click on the button 'Register' to go directly to the registration module. There you can register in 2 simple steps.

In a first step we ask for your personal information which is necessary to correctly handle your order. The Belgian legislation obliges us to ask some extra information. In a second step we give you the opportunity to tell us more about your health condition. This information allows us to give you more personal advice, adapted to your situation. This second step is optional, unless you want to order medicines. The Belgian legislation obliges us after all to ask for some extra information.


What does "bus" mean in the contact details section in the registration form?

This is to make a difference between different mailboxes at 1 adress. For example an inhabitant from an appartment block.


Which data do you keep? Why?

  • The login-data so you can log in on your personal account at BePharma at all times.
  • Your address information for deliveries to your house.
  • Your email address to inform you about your order & if requested we will also keep you posted about the most recent offers, promotions and new products.
  • Telephone number so that we can immediatly contact you in case of problems concerning your order or delivery.
  • Your health condition, that way we can offer you a personal service that meets up to your needs.


Why is there asked for a phone number at the registration?

We ask for your phone number so we can immediately contact you in case of problems concerning your order or delivery.


Why do you ask me questions about my health?

The Belgian legislation obliges us to ask some questions about your health if you want to order medicines through the Internet. Besides that, we can offer you a more personal service, adapted to your health condition.


What is my client number?

The client number consists of 9 numbers and begins with the year in which you've registered to our website.


How can I log in? What is my login?

In the upper right corner you will find a button "log in". To log in, you will have to fill out your username and password. Your username is the email address which you have registered with. Your password is what you have chosen during your registration.


What if I have forgotten my password?

  • Immediately after your registration we have sent an email to the given email address with your username and your password in it.
  • If you don't remember your password, you can request a new one through this link ( We will then generate a new password for you and send this to your email address.


What if my password isn't accepted?

Possibly CAPS LOCK is activated. The passwords are case-sensitive. You have to fill out the exact same password as the one you have registered with.


I have a new email address. How can I let you know?

Send us an email in which you explain the situation and also give us your old and new email address. We will adjust it for you.


I can't log in on my account anymore. Now what?

It is possible that you used the correct password, but not the right kind of letter. Passwords are case-sensitive. Tip: type your password in a Word processor such as Word or Notepad to check the spelling and the kind of letter (small or capital letter), copy and paste this in the password field.

If you click on 'Log in', but nothing happens, you get redirected to your login page again and the fields are empty again, there might be a settings problem on your computer. Your computer has to accept 'session cookies' to be able to log in on your account. The settings for the cookies can be changed in your browsing program under Extra --> Internet Options. The further steps in changing these system parameters depend on your version of Windows and your browser. If you can't seem to fix it or if you want more information about accepting session cookies, contact your IT department or computer specialist.



If the logging in problem still isn't fixed, please contact us. We will try to help you as fast as possible.