What are reviews?

The reviews that you can find with the products are the opinions, experiences, views and reviews from our visitors and customers about a certain product. This information is all delivered voluntarily to BePharma by these visitors and customers, and after approval by BePharma published online.


Why are these reviews online?

We as a pharmacy can only give you as objective as possible information about products. Nevertheless, we believe that the experience of other users may be relevant for you. Their subjective opinion can give you a better insight of the properties of the product or tips for use in practice.


What's in it for me?

  • You can give your opinion on the products you can find in our webshop. Other customers can get a better idea of the product thanks to reading your opinion. Customers can also help you with your choice of a product by doing the same.


Do I get something in return for my review?

For each product that you've ordered at BePharma you can get a one-time credit of 50 cents if you write a review that is approved for publication. A few weeks after delivering your order you will receive an email with an invitation to review the purchased products (only non-medicines). Attention: You can review each product only once. If you've already reviewed the product before ordering it, we can give you no credit.


What are the requirements for a good review?

A good review should be related to the product, not general be about 150 characters long (about the same amount of characters as a mobile text message)

  • be related tothe product, not general
  • be about150 characterslong (about the same amount of characters asa mobile text message)


My credit hasn't been put on my account yet. Why is this?

All reviewsare moderated.This is toprevent abuse.If yourreview has beenchecked and approved, thecredit willautomatically appear on your account.Youcan use itwith your nextorder.


Why can't I review certain products?

It isnot possible towrite a reviewon (prescriptionfree) medicines.
It is illegalto advertisethese products, and thereforewe have disabledthe review optionfor the (prescriptionfree)medicines.