Your first order?


1. Shopping: adding products to your shopping cart

You can start adding products to your shopping cart straight away. You don't have to register or log in. To complete your order, you do need to register or log in if you're already registered.
You can add products to your shopping cart by clicking on the button below.

Button: add to shopping cart

You can search for a specific product from our wide range in 3 ways:

  1. Categories: navigate through the categories and search for products from the store.
  2. Brands: look at an overview of our brands. Very useful when you know to which brand the product belongs.
  3. Search: if you don't have a lot of time and you don't know the name of the product, use our super fast search function in the top left corner.


2. Identify: create a personal account or log in as an existing customer

To place an order on BePharma you need to register yourself to have a personal account at your disposal. If your registration is succesful, we will always confirm it by sending you an email to the email adress you registered with. If you have registered, but not received an email, pleasecontact us.

You can create your account before, after or during the shopping. After you've registered or logged in to our website you can purchase the products in your shopping cart online and have them delivered to an address of your choice.


3. Delivery

After you've registered and/or logged in to our website, we'll ask you to confirm or change the delivery address.

It is possible to have your package delivered to a different address than your home address or billing address. For example, some customers prefer having the package delivered to their work address, to their neighbours or to a family member.


The package must be received by a physical person. Therefore we ask you to choose a delivery address where we can deliver during normal office hours (8:30 to 17:30).


4. Overview

This step givesyou a complete overviewof your order.You can check the contentof your orderandthe delivery addressof that specific order.

You cango back toone ofthe previous steps
at any time.Add productsorchangequantities, change your delivery address?No problem,justgo backusing the button below, which is always displayed at the bottom leftduringthe ordering process.

Show button: previousstep.


5. Payment

There are many ways to pay online. Click on the following link for an overview of our payment options.

The payment itself is handled by the secure Ogone website. This means that no financial information is passed on to BePharma. We only recieve an agreement of payment, immediately after you have completed the transaction.