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CB12 Boost Strong Mint

10 chewing gum
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    CB12 boost is a unique, sugar-free chewing gum with a patented technology and double action: Simultaneously providing a cool minty, flavour and preventing unpleasant breath with zinc acetate, the active ingredient of CB12.
    CB12 boost immediately refreshes your breath. It has a unique formula that instantly prevents any bad breath odours. CB12 boost contains zinc, fluoride and xylitol, so it's triple action too – elevating acid neutralisation, inhibiting plaque growth and strengthening your teeth against cavities while it gives you safe breath confidence.
    CB12 boost  – first class breath. Put it in your pocket or bag and make sure you don’t leave home without it ... 

    Did you know this about your mouth?
    Saliva is the most important natural defense mechanism in the oral cavity
    The teeth and the oral tissue are constantly covered in saliva
    Dry mouth is the main cause of cavities and it also causes unpleasant breath
    CB12 boost improves oral health with:
    Increases saliva flow by 4-13 times compared to not chewing at all
    Elevated acid neutralisation
    Anti-cavity and plaque inhibiting effect 
    Successful duo for first class breath: 
    CB12 mouthwash & CB12 boost.
    Rinsing with CB12 provides first class breath for 12 hours. Chewing CB12 boost after a meal, coffee or cigarette ensures that your first class breath remains unaffected so that you can succeed with an extra shot of confidence.
    Our recommendation: use CB12 boost together with CB12 mouthwash in the morning and evening and enjoy first class breath all day long. 
    CB12 boost chewing gum – a quick boost of confidence
    Ensures first class breath through its patented technology and double action.
    Boosts your confidence.
    Provides protection any time and anywhere.
    Maximum five chewing gums per day

    Strong mint flavor
    Gum base, Zinc, Sodium fluoride, Xylitol

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