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COMPEED Blister Bandages Medium

10 bandages
€ 12,90   In stock
    Due to continuous friction allows the skin loose, this creates an abundance of lymph and creates a blister. Results with Compeed: - As a preventive agent prevents the friction and irritation in the form of blisters. - For treatment provides relief from pressure and pain and provides optimum protection. Due to their unique composition Compeed ® blister plasters relieve immediate pain and pressure. The patch contains moisture-absorbent particles. These particles allow fluid from the wound is absorbed and a support pad is formed which provides extra protection and relieves the pressure. Skin-friendly material Thanks to the semi-translucent, skin-friendly material Compeed plasters unobtrusive and they can even be worn in open shoes.
    • For large blisters at the heel
    • Immediate relief of pain and pressure
    • Quick recovery and protection against friction
    • Remains several days and supports a quick regeneration of the skin.
    Apply on the blisters

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