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Eucerin Aquaphor Wound Care Ointment

2x10 g
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    Eucerin Aquaphor Wound Care Ointment is clinically proven to accelerate skin regeneration to aid the healing of extremely dry, damaged or irritated skin. 
    - This water-free, paraffin-based formulation helps the skin to heal faster by creating the ideal wound healing environment. It quickly generates a semi-permeable, protective barrier over the skin which maintains the natural rate of water vapour, thereby keeping the damaged skin moist to accelerate regeneration. This protective barrier also absorbs and holds the recovering skin’s natural wound healing exudates. The active ingredients Panthenol and Bisabolol are also both clinically proven to accelerate skin regeneration. It also contains Glycerin to moisturise and strengthen the skin barrier.
    - In addition to its effectiveness in aiding healing, it also conditions and soothes the skin, and has clinically proven efficacy in the treatment of extremely dry, chapped, cracked or irritated skin caused by a superficial dermatological treatment such as laser therapy, a chemical peel or dermabrasion. It is also recommended for skin care use in Xerosis, occupational dry skin. It is also gentle enough for use on babies, and is excellent for soothing nappy rash (diaper rash). It only has a minimal number of ingredients and is therefore well tolerated. 
    - Eucerin Aquaphor Wound Care Ointment is well tolerated, gentle, free of fragrances, alcohol and preservatives that could cause irritation or contact dermatitis.

    Well-tolerated, alcohol-free, fragrance-free, gentle, preservatives-free
    This water-free ointment generates the ideal environment to support the healing process of damaged or irritated skin. Expert skin care for damaged skin - clinically proven to accelerate skin regeneration.
    - Apply gently small amounts on dry areas of your face.
    - To reduce the signs and symptoms of even very dry skin on fingers, apply as much care as needed and gently massage into skin. This can be recommended after every hand-washing.
    - Dry, scaly or itchy skin on knees can be smoothed by applying care frequently. Especially after showering, Eucerin Aquaphor Ointment moistuirizes damaged skin immediately.

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