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    Flamigel is an active hydro-colloid gel-bandage and promotes the recovery of the skin by keeping the wound moisturised and covered.

    Flamigel contains a hydrocolloid acid (pH = 5.5). This creates an acid environment on the wounds. Flamigel contains Arginine as the activator of the hydrocolloid.

    On a dry wound, Flamigel gives moisture to the area of the wound and promotes the lysis (dissolving) of necrosis and crusts. so Flamigel makes a dry wound moisturised ("hydrogel" effect). On a moisturised wound, the hydrocolloid of Flamigel is further activated. That is why Flamigel absorbs the excess fluid. Thus Flamigel makes a too wet wound moistured ("hydrocolloid" effect).
    Flamigel is used for:     
    • burns     
    • abrasions     
    • sunburn     
    • lacerations     
    • open wounds
    For superficial burns and abrasions:
    Apply Flamigel carefully to the treatened areas and spread the gel (do not rub). 

    In open wounds:
    1. Rinse and clean the wound
    2. Gently dab dry
    3. Apply a thick layer (5mm) Flamigel to the wound
    4. Fix Flamigel with a bandage of choice
    Acid colloidal hydrocolloid, Arginine, Purified water, Macrogol, Branch Chained Fatty Acid (BCFA), Methyl-p hydroxybenzoate (E218), Propyl-p-hydroxybenzoate (E216), Disodium EDTA.
    Do not use Flamigel on the eyelids or on the eyes as eye gel.

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