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GUM SensiVital+ Mouthrinse New Formula

300 ml
€ 7,29   In stock
    Do cold foods and drinks cause pain in your teeth? You’re probably suffering from ‘tooth sensitivity’, which means it may be time to take special care of your oral health. 
    GUM SensiVital+ Mouthrinse offers quick and long-lasting alleviation from tooth sensitivity and care for your oral health. This fast-acting, long-lasting mouthwash helps protect and fortify your dentine and enamel and desensitizes your nerves.

    Product highlights
    • Plugs and seals the tiny tubules that make up your dentine
    • Fortifies your tooth surface by promoting remineralization of the enamel and the exposed dentine.
    • Desensitizes sensitive nerve endings that are the source of your pain
    • Comes in a tasty mint flavour
    • Provides gentle care to your oral tissues thanks to a uniquely gentle profile, free of alcohol that reduces the risk of irritations and helps preserve a balanced oral flora.
    Sensitive teeth.
    Rinse twice daily with 15ml for 30 seconds after brushing. Do not swallow.
    Not suitable for children under 6 unless recommended by a healthcare professional.

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