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Heliocare Ultra Oral Capsules Sun Protection

60 capsules
Heliocare® Ultra Capsules have a high concentration of Fernblock ® so is ideal as a daily supplement during periods of medium and high risk. It is effective from the first dose so provides immediate and safe protection.
Heliocare® Ultra Oral Capsules supplements contain high levels of Fernblock®, the natural plant extract with proven skin-specific UV protection capabilities and is boosted by Vitamin C and E and the botanically derived Lutein and Licopene. A capsule in the morning and repeated 4-6 hours later during periods of high risk can provide antioxidant protection & enhancement of the underlying skin-architecture and help protect the skin’s immunological functions and cellular DNA. 
There are times when protection of the skin "from within" to enhance the use of the Heliocare topical "on-the-skin" products can be important. This is normally during times of high-level UV exposure or risk which can be due to skin-type, an outdoor lifestyle, time of year and activities such as summer holidays or skiing, or impaired skin-health that can be due to a medical condition, or aesthetic or medical procedure. 
- Photodermatosis 
- Immunosuppression treatments 
- Photosensitising treatments 
- Dermocosmetic procedures 
- History of skin cancer 
- Hyperpigmentation 
- Coadyuvant in phototherapy 
- Eye protection (given by Lutein)
- Cutaneous intolerance to sunlight 
Take 1 capsule a day with a tall glass of water, combined with the proper use of a sunscreen.
Fernblock®, 480mg: Photoprotective and antioxidant activity, protection of cellular DNA and immunological function. Positive effect on skin architecture.
Vitamins C & E: Enhances the broad-spectrum antioxidant activity.
Lutein: Provides ocular photoprotection.
Licopene: Provides protection against erythema.

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