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Miradent Mirasensitive Hap

50 ml
Intensive care for hypersensitive teeth. The majority of all adults suffer from teeth sensitivity. Causes for such hypersensitivities are exposed tooth necks, natural enamel degradation, erosion and also stress in the thin dentin layer near the enamel/ cement border.

The recently developed hap+ duo complex fights the above mentioned degradations. The substance complex consists of 30% artificial enamel (hydroxyapatite) and includes potassium ions to calm the toothnerve itself. The artificial enamel seals the open dental tubuli, stopping the stimuli conductor to the tooth nerve. At the same time, the potassium ions surround the tooth nerve with a protective layer.

This duo complex provides a long term protection against hypersensitivity. mirfluor hap+ contains fluoride (1,450 ppm) and xylitol which is known for its anti-plaque, caries preventive and re-mineralising effects. The effect of mirasensitive hap+ was determined in preliminary studies.

After just one week of application, the build up of artificial enamel is clearly visible. The low RDA value (20) supports a gentle dental care, minimalising the abrasion of tooth enamel.
Intensive care for the protection of sensible teeth

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