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Moustimug Tropical Maxx Spray 50% DEET

100 ml spray
€ 14,95   In stock
    Most mosquito's are harmless, some however that live in tropical areas are known to carry certain diseases, causing a lot of local deaths for the natives and tourists that visit these regions. The most widely known is Malaria (also known as swamp fever), a highly contagious disease that's caused by a parasite, the Plasmodium SP. Malaria is spread by certain mosquito's (anopheles)  that sting a victim and inject the disease while feeding on blood. Millions of people are yearly infected with this disease, with around 490.000-836.000 deaths (WGO, rapport 2012). Other mosquito species are the cause of yellow fever, dengue fever, chikungunya, ... just one small sting of the mosquito is enough to transfer the disease to the victim, so it's highly important to work preventative!
    A tropical insect repellent that remains active for 12 hours in Europe, and up to 8 hours in tropical areas. Contains 50% DEET.
    Always protect rooms and beds with a mosquito net, drenched in insecticide
    Always wear shoes in grass
    Wear long and loose fitting clothing in bright colors without prints
    Don't use perfume
    Use the Moustimug Tropical Maxx Spray 50% DEET preventative by applying it on all exposed areas of the body. Make sure you renew the application after swimming, heavy sweating or showering.
    Before you apply the insect repellent, apply your regular sunscreen and wait 20 minutes before applying the Moustimug. Because DEET interacts with sunscreen, it's highly recommended to use a higher factor SPF in order to remain properly protected from the sun.
    Make sure you apply a fresh layer of Moustimug before going to bed, giving you optimal protection all night long.

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