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Orozyme Rf2 Sticks Small < 10 Kg

28 pieces
€ 22,08   In stock
    Orozyme RF2 sticks are vegetable and contain the active ingredient, RF2, a unique active formula that reduces significantly the formation of dental plaque (biofilm) on the teeth and even the bad breath of the dogs.

    The sticks are very tasty. The composition, the structure and the shape of the Orozyme RF2 sticks provide a mechanical abrasive effect so that the teeth at the gum line are cleaned. Regular chewing on sticks combats the formation of a biofilm layer (plaque) and the development of bad breath.

    Available in 3 sizes
    plaque and bad breath of dogs
    Rice, Rheum palmatum (source vd RF2), minerals (phosphorus), preservatives, flavorings and antioxidants

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