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Picasol Natural Spray

70 ml
€ 13,95  
Product no longer available
    Don't let an insect bite ruin your beautiful moments. Picasol anti-insect protects long against annoying and sometimes dangerous bites of ticks, mosquitoes and other biting insects. Of course, this insect acting drug without DEET is also suitable for babies from 3 months old and pregnant women

    Protects against
    - Mosquitoes: also malaria, yellow fever mosquito or mosquito that causes the virus ZIKA)
    - Ticks: are on the rise throughout Europe and can carry a bacterium that can cause Lyme disease
    - All other biting insects
    A prolonged action against biting insects based on Citriodiol, scientifically proven as the only natural ingredient that works 4h to 8h against ticks and against mosquitoes / other biting insects.
    Active ingredient: Citriodiol (CAS42822-86-6): 30.0% w / v

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