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Somatoline Cosmetic Man Top Def Sport

200 ml
€ 39,00   In stock
    Regular exercise and a good diet may not be sufficient to reveal the muscles of the abdominal area. The research has led to Somatoline Cosmetic Treatment abdominals Top Definition Sports: innovative cosmetic gel that has been specially designed to reduce local fat of men, strengthen the abdominal zone and the underlying muscle tissue to be better reflected. The gel is quickly absorbed and contains a polymer that is resistant to water and sweat, which is ideal for use during exercise. Clinical tests prove it.
    • for sporting men who want to gain a better belly silhouette.
    • reduces local fat covering the muscles so that the muscles are more visible;
    • makes the skin more toned, firmer and more elastic so that it can better adapt to the contours and the underlying muscles are better seen.
    Apply a lump of the product two times daily on the areas and rub in with a circular motion until the product is completely absorbed, preferably for sports. Continue the treatment for 4 weeks. Regular use, even after 4 weeks, helps to maintain the achieved results. Leaves no residue. Not fat. You can dress immediately after application. Wash hands after application.
    Somatoline Cosmetic Treatment abdominals Top Definition Sports includes the innovative MenDefinitionSport complex ™, a complex of natural active ingredients with a slimming and tonifying effect, to reveal the abdominal muscles:
    caffeine, carnitine, creatine: promote the breakdown of triglycerides into free fatty acids (lipolysis)
    ginger extracts: firming and toning effect
    waterproof polymer: resistant to water and sweat

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