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Vibovit Junior 4+ ABC Gummies

50 chewing gum
€ 14,99  
Product no longer available
    Vibovit gummies with great taste in a unique "Fishbowl" package.
    Vibovit aqua and ABC gummies are designed to be fun and tasty. They contain 10 important vitamins and minerals that are designed to support the daily nutritional needs of children aged 4 to 12.
    Without preservatives, lactose and gluten.
    Vibovit aqua and ABC gummies contain important vitamins and minerals. They are:
    • Rich in Vitamin D: Necessary for the normal growth and development of children's bones
    • Rich in Zinc: Contributes to normal cognitive function
    • Rich in Vitamin C: Contributes to the normal functioning of the immune system 
    1 gummy per day.
    Per 1 gummy % RDA*
    Vitamin A 500mcg 62.5%
    Vitamin B3 8mg 50%
    Vitamin B12 1.25mcg 50%
    Vitamin C 40mg 50%
    Vitamin D 2mcg 40% 
    Vitamin E 5mg 42%
    Biotin 25mcg 50% 
    Folic acid 150mcg 75% 
    Selenium 27.5mcg 50% 
    Zinc 5mg 50%
    The intake should be limited to a couple of weeks/months.

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