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Lohmann & Rauscher Vliwasoft 10x10cm 12064

100 compresses
€ 2,75   In stock
    The non-fraying nonwoven material is highly absorbent and is appreciated for its non-adherent properties. Besides sterile and non-sterile 4- or 6-ply dressings, the range of products includes Vliwasoft split dressings with a Y-cut and stoma dressings.* *Vliwasoft Stoma.
    - made from a fine-pored, non-raveling nonwoven material
    - gentle wound cleansing
    - good absorption properties
    - non-sterile, 100 pieces in a paper pouch, 4-ply
    for the care of lightly to moderately exudating wounds
    as a wound dressing
    for wound cleansing
    as a carrier material for ointments
    as padding between fingers and toes

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