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Hartmann Zetuvit E Sterile 20 x 20cm 413774

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    Zetuvit 20cm x 20cm
    Zetuvit E is a non-irritant absorbent dressing pad. The covering layer consists of hydrophobic, non-woven polypropelene material. The dressing itself is made up of a highly absorbent fluff filling, fluid dispersing tissue and a hydrophobic tissue backing which acts as a barrier to protect the wound from contamination. The dressing should be worn with the blue backing upper most, facing away from the wound and is available sterile and non sterile.

    Hypoallergenic fibres permeable to air and water
    • Prevents irritation of surrounding skin
    • Enables skin’s natural functions to continue
    Filling of fluff pulp and fluid dispersing tissue
    • Provide high level of absorbency
    Blue, hydrophobic backing
    • Provides a barrier against contamination
    Zetuvit E can be used to treat heavily exuding wounds in all areas of medicine and also for cushioning and protecting wounds.

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